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All hires trade under 'BrightStar Light & Sound', adhearing to terms and conditions, and our price match policy. If there is something you need you can't find, please feel free to get in touch with us and we do our best to accomidate your needs.



Scaffolding & Truss
Scaffold (Various Lengths)
Both Steel and Aluminum in stock

Unfinished £1.00 per meter/Week

Black £2.00 per meter/Week
Astralite Tri Truss
1m £8/Week
2m £16/Week
DJ Truss System
2x T-Bars with 2x 1.5m section of ladder truss between and all the connectors. Perfect for small set ups and discos

£14.00/Day £30.00/Week
Truss Lighting Plinth
We have 1m and 1.5m available, these stands are made from polished truss. With a one of our moving lights on top, and unlighted with our mini led pars, they will take your show or event to the next level.

We also have white and black wraps for these should you wish to hide the truss.

£10/Day £25/Week

£15/Day £35/Week

Spandex Covers
£2/Day £5/Week
Swivel Clamp
Standard Drop Forged Steel Swivel Clamp

Fixed 90 Clamp
Standard Drop Forged Steel Fixed 90 degree (right angle) clamp

External Coupler Sleeve
Internal Sleeve
Key Lock Scaffold Junctions and bases_edited
Using an allen key to secure tight rather than nut and bolts these fittings are perfect for clean smooth handrails.

Various styles available
- 90 degree corner
- T Piece
- T Piece with Through
- 3 way corner

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Rigging Access
Stands & Bases
Hauling Rope
5m Rope
£0.50/Day £1.00/Week

10m Rope
£1.00/Day £2.00/Week

50m Rope
£6.00/Day £10.00/Week
From £1.50/Week
Wire Rope Ladder
£6.00/Day £10.00/Week
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Clamps & Safety
Equinox 4m Winch Stand
60KG wind up stand to 4m high. M10 bolt fitting at top, supplied with a half coupler.
Truss brackets can be ordered separate

Telescopic Drop & Drape Systems
Telescopic Uprights and cross bars, supplied as a up to 3m section in height and width

3m £15/Week
6m £20/Week
Speaker Stands
Adjustable tripod stand for speakers

£3/Day £6/Week
Wind Up Speaker Stand
Adjustable wind up tripod stand for speakers

£5/Day £9/Week
Distance Pole
Adjustable distance pole for speakers, option of screw thread base, or standard.

£2.50/Day £4/Week
Microphone Straight Stand
Straight adjustable height mic stand, with round base, we have both chrome and black in stock (Mic Clip not supplied)

£2.50/Day £4/Week
Microphone Short Boom Stand
Reduced height boom arm mic stand, with a tripod base, we have both chrome and black in stock (Mic Clip not supplied)

£2.50/Day £4/Week
Microphone Boom Stand
Adjustable height boom arm mic stand, with a tripod base, we have both chrome and black in stock (Mic Clip not supplied)

£3.00/Day £5/Week
Lightweight T-Bar Stand
This is a simple free standing lighting tower, allowing you to hang up to 20kg of weight. Ideal for discos, and can be used as boom stands to light from the wings. It is a telescoping t-bar adjustable in height from 120cm to 270cm. Lightweight and compact this is an ideal solution for space saving and small venues.

£4.00/Day £8/Week
H Stand
A discrete floor stand drilled with a M10 bolt hole for light fixtures such as LED PARs

£1.00/Day £2.50/Week
Telescopic Camera Tripod
42" Telescopic camera tripod

£3Day £5/Week
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5Kg Safety Wire
25Kg Safety Wire
50mm Hook Clamp
The industry standard hook clamp, used across the world.

Small Hook Clamp
A low profile hook clamp for them hard to reach spots, with a 45 degree angle on the screw fixing, even at a smaller size it can fit safely on standard pipe.

Half Coupler
Doughty Boom Arm
A 48mm boom arm with a factory welded doughty half coupler.

Various lengths available

From £2.50/Week
Monitor/Projector Truss Mounts
A jointed flat screen or projector mount that has a 48mm clamp to fit to scaffold bars or truss.

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Miscellaneious / Accessories
Spring Clamp
Bow Shackles and D Shackles

From £1.00/Week
5kg Sandbag
For use as stage weights or ballasts.

£2.00/Day £3.00/Week
Slings & Spansets
Loop slings and spansets of various sizes and ratings

From £2.00/Week
Ratchet Straps
Various sizes and styles

From £2.00/Week
Cable Covers
Rubber Cable Cover, and carpet mats various lengths

From £2/Week
Wooden Dolly £3.50/Week

Heavy Duty Plastic Dolly £5.00/Week
Fire Extinghusher CO2/Powder
2kg Powder or CO2 Extinguishers.
4ft Heavy Duty Table
A 4ft long black heavy duty plastic table, that flat packs down for easy transport

£4/Day £6/Week
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2m x 1m Hexa Deck
1m x 1m Hexa Deck
Triangle Deck
1m Right Angle Triangle Platform.
Hexa Deck Handrail
1m Handrail £5/Week
2m Handrail £10/Week
Pivoting Stair Handrails
Kick Board
Wheeled Leg
6 Inch Steel Leg with 100mm Breaked Castor, sits apex 10inches tall. Ideal for rolling risers.

Stage Leg
Legs up to and including 5ft free with deck hire, additional legs available at the below costs. Larger sizes listed as metric scaffold.

0.5ft £1/Week
1ft £1/Week
2ft £1.50/Week
3ft £2/Week
4ft £2.50/Week
5ft £3/Week
Screw Jack
For leveling stages on uneven ground.

Wooden Treads
Standard Heavy Duty Wooden Treads Painted Black

0.5ft Single Step

1ft 2 Step Treads

1.5ft 3 Step Treads
3ft Modular Treads
4ft Modular Treds
Adjustable Stair 60-100cm
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Please note that the Safe Working Loads are provided as a guide only and are calculated for Uniformly Distributed Loads. The SWL will vary dramatically depending upon length of stage leg, type of scaffolding tube used and bracing. Please consult the manufactures load tables for further information.

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