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Distros and Splitters
IEC Distribution Block
15a Grelco
15a Trelco
16a Y Splitter
16a T Line
16a 3 Way Splitter
16a in/out - 4x 13a out
Also known as our backline board, these provide a linked 16a power run with 13a breakouts at intervals, ideal for pa backline power, or to power floor packages of lights. Keeping your cable management neat, reducing the need for running extension leads everywhere.

£4/Day £10/Week
32a - 4x 16a
32a single phase in, 4x 16a out each protected by there own 2 pole MCB

£6/Day £14/Week
32a 3Ph - 6x 16a Distro
32a 3 Phase plug, to 6x 16a Single Phase sockets, with MCB breakers, 2 channels per phase.

£16/Day £32/Week
32a 3ph - 3x 32a Distro
32a 3 Phase plug, to 3x 32a Single Phase sockets, with MCB breakers.

£16/Day £32/Week
63a 3Ph - 3x 63a Distro
63a 3Ph - 2x16a, 2x32a, 3x63a & 32/3
A 3 phase 63a in distro, splitting power down to a combination of either 2x16a and 2x 32a and 32/3 or 3x 63a

£22/Day £40/Week
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Generators & Fuel
KM9300 6.5kVa Generator
6.5kVa Petrol Generator

3x 16a and 1x 16a/3phase outputs.

£30/Day £60/Week
Petrol Fuel Can 5l
£1/Week Empty
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Single Phase Cable
IEC Extension Cable
From £0.50/Week
Bulgin Extension Cable
PowerCon Extension Cable
Black Cable

From £1/Week
13a Extension Cable
Single or Double Sockets
Black or White Cable

From £1/Week
13a Power Bar
4 Way, 5 Way, 6Way, and 12Way available, in black or white

From £3/Week
15a Extension Cable
Black cable

From £1/Week
Socapex Extension Cable
19x 1.5mm cable, 6 channels, 10a per channel

From £6/Week
16a 110v Extension Cable
16a Extension Cable
Black or arctic blue cable

From £1.50/Week
32a Extension Cable
From £2.50/Week
63a Extension Cable
125a Extention Cable
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Three Phase Cable
32a 3Ph Extension Cable
1m £3.00/Week
5m £6.00/Week
63a 3Ph Extension Cable
5m £10.00/Week
125a 3Ph Extension Cable
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Cable Adaptors
IEC Adaptors
Various IEC adaptors

From £0.50/Week
Powercon Adaptors
Various Powercon adaptors

From £0.50/Week
13a Adaptors
Various 13a adaptors

From £0.50/Week
Socapex Adaptors
Socapex Spiders

15a and 16a male and female tails available

15a Adaptors
Various 15a adaptors

From £0.50/Week
16a Adaptors
Various 16a adaptors

From £0.50/Week
32a Adaptors
Various 32a adaptors

From £1.00/Week
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