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Projection & Displays
Proview 14" Monitor
14" TFT monitor, ideal for using either with a lighting or sound desk, extending your desktop on a PC or console, or as a monitor for backstage. This monitor has built in speakers for audio if you so wish to use.

£7/Day £15/Week
Proview 17" Monitor
17" TFT monitor with a larger screen, ideal for using either with a lighting or sound desk,
extending your desktop on a PC, or as a monitor for backstage. This monitor has built in speakers for
audio if you so wish to use.

£10/Day £25/Week
Epson EB-X14
A 4:3 XGA projector, which harnesses the power of Epsons 3LCD technology boasting 3000 lumens and crisp optics with only a 200w lamp.

£35/Day £75/Week
Christie LX-45
Output: 4500 lummens
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Short and long throw lens options

£50/Day £100/Week
Hitachi CP-AX2503
Ultra short throw lens

Perfect for large images in a small space

Output: 2700 Lumens
Aspect Ratio: 4:3

£50/Day £100/Week
Draper 8x6ft Screen
4:3 Projection screen 8ft wide, 6ft high.

Front and rear projection surface included.

Free standing legs or flying kit included.

£25/Day £50/Week
Marshall V-R722P SDI twin
Twin 3u rack mount monitors, with SDI inputs

£12/Day £26/Week
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Signal Distibution & Conversion
Panasonic WJ-MX10 Production Mixer
2 Channel as well as a 3rd live feed camera in, production mixer to one output, SDI. Comes with an extensive library of various transition effects.

Why not ask us about our custom video rack for switching and monitoring preview and live video to go with this mixer. giving you 6 channels to choose from rather than just 2.

Mixer Only
£70/Day £180/Week

Mixer & Expansion Rack

£160/Day £340/Week
Kramer vs-601xlm
A 6 way SDI switcher

£30/Day £80/Week
Extron Matrix Switcher MPX 432A
The Extron MPX 423 A is a media presentation matrix switcher that merges four independent matrix switchers into a single, compact enclosure: a 4x2 VGA switcher, a 4x2 S-video switcher, a 4x2 composite video switcher, and a 12x2 stereo audio switcher. Compact and cost-effective, the MPX 423 A can be utilized for expanding the input capabilities of a typical projector or LCD display, while providing a second set of outputs for local or preview monitoring.

£50/Day £110/Week
BlackMagic SDI-Analog Converter
Convert your digital SDI signal to a analog signal to output to monitors or projectors.

£30/Day £65/Week
Video Selector
Video selectors allow you to control up to 4 devices that display to a monitor via a VGA connection,
via one single output device. This allows you to save space by using one monitor rather than many, and you access each unit you can switch between input feeds.

£20/Day £50/Week
Adderlink AV100 Transmitter
Transmit your video and audio over, upto 300m, of cat5 cable to a Adderlink Receiver

£10/Day £20/Week
Adderlink AV101 Receiver
Receive video and audio from the Adderlink network, with 2 vga and 3.5mm jack outputs, as well as a cat 5 link to cascade a further 2 units.

£10/Day £20/Week
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Recording & Playback
GoPro Hero 3+
Small but powerful HD Camera comes with a 16gb micro SD card and standard waterproof case. Other accessories also available

£58/Day £135/Week
Bluray Player
Samsung BluRay USB Drive
USB BlueRay and DVD Burner and Player

£30/Day £65/Week
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Computing / Networking
Dell Inspiron 5000 series or similar supplied with a mouse.
For use as lighting control, audio and video playback or PowerPoint presentations. Laptop comes installed with Hog 3PC, MS PowerPoint, and VLC media player

£60/Day £160/Week
Netgate Router
Apple AirPort Express
Airport Express Router, can be synced to your Apple devices using Airplay, to wireless connect audio, or simply used as a Wifi router.

£30/Day £80/Week
Cisco Small Buisness Switch
Nintendo Wii
Interactive gaming console, supplied as the console with two remotes, optional extras such as games, WiiFit and accessories at extra charge

£80/Day £220/Week
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Cables / Adaptors
VGA Cable
From £1.00/Week
Scart Cable
From £1.00/Week
HDMI Cable
From £2.00/Week
Component Cable
From £1.00/Week
Coaxial Cable
From £1.00/Week
BNC Cable
From £1.50/Week
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